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The Content Explosion System

Content is King… Content is King… Content is King…

You know right!
You've heard it over and over again
The phrase has become like a mantra,
it's repeated religiously by SEO and Internet marketers.

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled “Content is the King”, which was published on the Microsoft site. He begins by saying:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

We all know now that Gates was right in his predictions.
It’s why we have:
Facebook, Youtube and over 60 other social networks,
blogs, video, podcasting, photo and forum websites,
And of course, Google dominating the Internet, encouraging us to feed this glutton more quality content.
We hope in return she’ll provide us with higher search rankings and make it easier for people to discover our awesome content and ultimately get more traffic to our website.
Everyone wants to write supremely useful and insightful content.

The Trouble is Creating it!

One of the biggest challenges many marketers share is continually creating new content. You likely don’t have the luxury of running a content site like Huffington Post or Buzzfeed, where you have a team of writers working for you.

You’re a content marketer, and you need to produce content that your audience and customers would search for and enjoy. You have to stay disciplined in your content, as you can only stay within a certain range of topics.

But figuring out how to deliver engaging, compelling content with speed, without compromising on quality and volume can be a nightmare.

Creating high quality unique content is time consuming…

The question is — how do I pull off consistently high-quality content without eating up every waking hour of my day writing?

The Content Explosion System

Content Explosion Maps

Create One Piece of Content, 100's of Posts

Discover How to Easily Create High-Quality Content

Don’t be stuck staring at a blinking cursor.
People with literally ZERO talent and/or writing skills CAN create great content!


The Content Explosion System is a specific methodology for leveraging the power of a single piece of high-quality content.
You will discover the exact process to take one piece of your content and transform it into several pieces of content for multiple uses across different social media platforms.
AND.. will teach you how to create that one piece of content
without writing skills or spinning text
Ensure all of the efforts that you put into content creation is maximised.

You learn how to CREATE fresh, NEW content, EXPLODE it then SHARE it.

This training will give you content development superpowers to help your content go further!
The Content Explosion System
Hi, my name is Aaron Ellis, I have developed a solution to create 100's of quality social media posts with just one piece content. Content is the backbone of the internet. Everyone wants and needs great content for their website.

Content Explosion is a complete system that teaches you from scratch, how to create a piece of high-quality content and then explode it into 100's of unique pieces.

This new content then can be shared on a multitude of social media sites and blogs.

The CONTENT EXPLOSION SYSTEM isn't a slapped together ebook about how to share a blog post to every social network. Anyone can do that!

This training shows you in detail, step by step the exact process of how to easily create one piece of YOUR own content and transform it into several unique pieces of content for multiple uses across different social media platforms.

Sharing the same content everywhere can affect your site's search rankings. It is possible that another site could outrank you on a Google SERP. This would bring more clicks to the other website as opposed to your website.
Google searches for duplicate content and it finds the most popular and reputable site to display in the search results.

Some people resort to spinning their blog posts but this can result in your article turning into gibberish. A spun article is supposed to retain the meaning of the original while switching enough words for it to pass undetected as a duplicate.

But spinning may not be as cheap as you think in the long run. I often ask myself the question whether or not spinning really has any value. The answer isn’t very cut and dry. In general, though, I say no.
What is the point of having an article that reads exactly the same way, but with different words? Where is the value in that?

You want people to go to YOUR website and consume the great piece of content and want to come back, not see your reproduced article on another website take the same bit of knowledge and move on, never visiting your website!

You will wonder why you hadn't created content this way before

The System is SO EASY!

You're going to love this valuable training!


What's inside:
The Content Explosion System PDF
Content Explosion Mind Maps (poster size)
Tweet Sheet
Social Accounts Spreadsheet

Content Explosion - Infographics Fact Sheet
The Backlinks Manifesto
The 101 on Content Syndication
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How is the training delivered?
A. The training contents are delivered inside a Zip File, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. The printed materials are in PDF format and images in png format. The Spreadsheets

You can download all the materials and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone.

Q. What resources will I need?
A. The training guides you from start to finish, as well as provides you direct access (via links) to free and inexpensive resources, that make the entire process ridiculously easy. No special skills required!

Q. What if I’m not happy?
A. If you are not 100% with your purchase and it has been 7 days or less. I will refund your payment guaranteed.
The Content Explosion System
Reveals and teaches a complete and in-depth system
how to create one piece of high-quality content and how to explode it into 100's of post that can be shared and bring traffic back to your website.
The Content Explosion System + Bonuses
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The Content Explosion System
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