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The Importance of an Expert Frame, Integrated Connection Campaign, and Highest Priority Focusing

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If your online business isn’t powering the way you would like it, there may be a few specific reasons why your online success doesn't match your offline success.

Some of these reasons are:

Not creating a bonafide expert presence online, so that prospects find you credible and trustworthy when they first encounter you online.

Not having an integrated connection campaign that includes multimedia elements such as email, audio, and/or video components to maximize emotional congruence through maximal exposure to multimedia inputs.

And struggling with focus during the course of the day, to simply implement what you know needs to be done in your business.


What happens when you have a genuine expert-presence is, when someone finds you online, you immediately create a frame of credibility and trust, and credibility and trust are critical if you want an online client to invest with you.

This is more important online than in the offline world, because offline you can talk with someone face to face, they can see and hear your authority, expertise, and credibility.

The problem is that online, you’ll never meet someone face to face, it’s always virtual experience. So it becomes critical that you have implemented and established the foundation of credibility online before communicating with someone or attempting to sell them anything via emails, sales letters, or teleseminars and webinars.

If the credibility foundation is not in place before you begin the sales process, it can be an uphill battle to create it later.


Once you have that initial first-impression and frame in place, then you transition to building on that credibility and trust foundation via an integrated connection campaign.

This might involve email, audio, video, and/or social media. But the real key here, and this is more important than necessarily which elements you use, is that the elements you use are emotionally congruent and consistent.

For example, if you have one person make your videos, another write your emails, and still another coordinate your social media campaign, you might be, without realising it  that you are presenting differently on each platform (for example, using a different “voice”) in each element.

This creates a scenario of mental discomfort in the gut of the prospect, and the campaign just doesn’t feel right. They don’t know why, it just doesn’t “feel right” to them.

Humans don’t have to know why something is amiss to avoid it. It’s kind of like an apprehension you might feel approaching a dark alley at night.

You might try to avoid that dark alley if possible, yet if someone were to ask if you were scared, you would likely say “no,” but having said “no” you would still know something didn’t “feel right” so you chose to avoid the alley.

The same thing is the case with your prospects when the email, audio, video, and social media campaign doesn’t “feel right.” And worse yet, if your competitor is doing a better job making it “feel right” - in other words, creates a more emotionally congruent campaign - he may win the business even if you are better, can offer better results for your clients, or even priced lower than your competition!


The third area that might be holding you back in growing your online business is more abstract, and thus harder to deal with than the above 2 scenarios.

It involves focus and the ability to implement in a busy world. For example, you may know what you need to do, perhaps writing new web copy, creating a powerful connection campaign, or creating that expert presence, but each day when you think about doing it, something comes up. Like everyday...

You might try to work on the important things, maybe you even set time aside for them, and yet you feel like you can’t focus when you are working on your online business and if you can’t focus, you usually can’t get the job done!

What is happening is a lack of focus.

Perhaps you feel scattered, or you just don’t know what to do next. Or you know what to do next, but your attention isn’t right, so you keep getting stuck.

This is the hardest issue to deal with, because the focus is internal, not external, but it feels like it is external. For example, the perceived issue is that email keeps interrupting you, but in reality, your email has no power to control you. Instead, internally, you have allowed a condition to develop where you are literally addicted to the feeling that happens when you click on an email.

And when you have to avoid clicking on an email, then you feel a level of withdrawal. That dopamine-hit then withdrawal pattern may occur hundreds of times a day, and after awhile the addictive feeling becomes habitual, and it becomes your habit that email appears to control you.

Or you may not be able to focus on the task at hand. And it’s probably not that your “focus muscle” is not working; you can focus just fine if you go to the game tonight. But instead, your mind tells you that since what you are working on will not impact or improve your business for, let’s say 30-60 days, then the email in your inbox which is relevant today is more important.

Of course, in reality, the long-term work you do on your expert presence and your integrated connection campaign is much more important, as it’s completion (or lack thereof) will dictate your future new-business level and the revenue associated with that.

However, intrinsically as humans, we are wired to naturally deal with what is an issue right now as opposed to the future (if you are in a jungle and a tiger comes at you, moving NOW is far more important than planning a crop that may or may not turn into a harvest in 90 days. So we are literally wired as humans to prioritize the urgent, rather than the important.


So what about you and your business?

Is your expert presence on your website and your online footprint living up to your established expertise?

Is your email and social media campaign completely psychologically and emotionally congruent so that prospects are maximally induced to invest with you?

Are your future goals, steps, and projects solidified to such a degree that their importance wins out over the daily interruptions, or do you feel controlled by the daily events such as email, social media, and immediate revenue issues?

If you’ve said “no” to any of these questions, I suggest you download my brand new audio training,

Entering the Expert Age, Email Marketing - Integrated Connection Campaign

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